It is time for you to get clear and leave confusion behind!

  • Are you struggling to find exactly what it is that you want and how you are going to achieve whatever “it” is?
  • Do you find that you are restless, longing for something more and knowing you are ready to make a move but simply have no idea where to begin?
  • Have you tried to make a go at something or maybe even a few things only to realize that road block after road block has left you too discouraged to keep trying?

If any of these questions strike a note for you, consider the empowering and healing effects of a Fabulously Successful Clarity Consultation!  A clarity consultation is a 30 minute call where you talk 1-to-1 with me (not a coaching assistant) to dive into what is blocking you from both getting clear and taking action.

These sessions have proven to be especially insightful and at times life changing for my clients who are big dreamers.  They have so much they want to accomplish in the world and at times they feel like ideas simply don’t stop coming their way, yet they are somehow never able to act on all of those brilliant notions.  Does this sound like you?  A Clarity Consultation could be exactly the step you need to move forward and on to great things!

Only $150 $77 for your 30 minute consultation





You will receive a pre-consultation questionnaire so that I can get to know a bit about you before the call and we can then dive right into the heart of the matter from the start of our time together.

After the call you will receive an MP3 audio of the call so you can re-listen as often as you want to be sure to put into action what we covered in our discussion.  You will also receive a post call Playsheet that will list 3-5 steps you can take towards getting clear and moving forward.

Your Clarity Consultation fee can be used as credit towards any of my coaching packages, if you decide you would like to take the work we do together a bit further.  I am only charging $150  $77  for this session because I want to help you get clear!  I know that once clarity is there, the other pieces fall so much more easily into place.  I want that for you!

To recap, here is what you get:

  • 1-to-1 Coaching Call with me not a coaching assistant
  • A pre-coaching questionnaire (to help you gain clarity and to give us a perfect starting point)
  • An mp3 recording of our call
  • Post call Playsheet with action steps to help implement your new clarity mindset
  • A coaching credit for the price of your Clarity Call which can be used towards any regularly priced coaching program or package

Aren’t you worth it?  It is time to say “yes” to you and your dreams. Sign up today.  You have nothing to lose and oh so much to gain!  Clarity is where it is at.

Only $150 $77  for your 30 minute consultation

I look forward to working with you!

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p.s.  Still not sure if a Clarity Consultation is right for you?  Remember that the investment can be directly applied as credit to any regularly priced coaching session or program I offer so you really have nothing to lose!  Go for it, you deserve all the good life has to offer!!